Monday, April 20, 2009

Chest Fest: Asado & BBQ!!!

Inspired by real events...

This, my friends, has literally been months in the making. How, may you ask, did this epic night come to be? Keep reading to find out!

One fateful February (or was it March?) night, while TB, Carly and Venice were doing the usual cavorting amongst the threads, TB had a brilliant idea inspired by il ragazzi over at the
Appiano Gentile. Adriano (prior to the nervous breakdown) had a mini-birthday celebration while our lovable Argies manned the grill. The result?

Birthday asado and barbecue.

Why, TB was in the midst of celebrating the birthday month... and this sounded like a splendid plan! And so, the seed was planted...

"Birthday Asado" was suppose to be a low key, kicked back, relaxed affair- a few friends chatting and being silly, like normal.

So what happened?

TB became: A) extremely busy with work, B) extremely lazy, C) too drunk to do anything functional or D) all of the above. If you answered "D", you get a brownie point! (Keep track of those; they mean absolutely nothing.)

Because of circumstances, the asado kept getting postponed... and postponed... and postponed. This was until another fateful day when TB happened to finally deliver on a "treasure chest" of photos.

The excitement of having Deki Stankovic stamped all over the Serie A Thread was almost too much to bear! Photo after photo of Deki half naked triggered Carly to exclaim the two words that have started a revolution:

"Chest Fest!"

Unbeknownst to the rest of us, who hailed the now famous term and event, she had meant to type "feast" instead of "fest."

Little did she know she was at the helm of a night of EPIC proportions.

This is the crossroads we have arrived at.

Tonight, at 9ish PM UK time, is the inaugural



What will you expect to find at CF:A&BBQ?




*Did it really happen like that? Aw hell, no. Don't be stupid.


  1. Mmmmmm.... Chest Fest. I should be around for two hours of it if you did the timezones right ( I think I may have converted wrongly yesterday, who knows... my brain was a bit wonky). I'm counting up my brownie points, of which you've given me many... I shall er, do nothing with them actually. Crap. I had something witty to say in my head but it's left me.

  2. Is that Mariano handling the chicken breasts? LOL

    Oops, well, guilty as charged. I think that was pretty much how it happened. I must prepare, mentally, for such epic event. Later!

  3. OK, that was hilarious and I am so super excited to join in the fun!!